Tornado Shelters

I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life and recently, I became a home owner! Yay for me! There are so many awesome things about being a home owner, but it can be a great deal of trouble as well.

One of the recent improvements I have made to my home is the addition of an above ground storm shelter. I bought it from Storm Shelters OKC. It’s a Tornado Safe brand and I have to say, I am really impressed with it. I’ve not had an occasion to use it yet, of course. THANK GOD, but the day will come.

When I was searching for a company to put the shelter in I was really overwhelmed. There are so many options and with several brands available, it made it a tough decision. Ultimately, I chose to go with this brand because of word of mouth. I got a recommendation from my mother and several friends.

The installation took a total of two days, after the foundation was laid. It was so easy to get everything done! According all the research I did before I had it installed, the above ground is just as good underground and may be even safer.

They gave me a great deal and helped me get set up with financing and a grant from the state and local city. Since I live in Moore, I was able to get both! It was worth it. On top of all that, it’s even better that I installed it because it will increase the value of my home.

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