Archive Books

Archive Books is a little hole in the wall store in north Edmond. It’s near the UCO campus. I cannot tell you how much I love this store! It’s a unique, weird little store that is filled to the brim with rare books.

Many of the books available are rare, out of print and hard to find. There are several first editions available in the store, but don’t think you can go putting your hands on them. Old books can be damaged by moisture and oils from hands.

One of my favorite finds from here is a woman’s etiquette from 1952. It’s so archaic! There is an entire chapter on how to smoke with feminine charm. According to the book, one must never hold a cigarette in your hand like a man. One should use a cigarette holder- a long, thin, tube that draws the cigarette smoke like a pipe, but without a bowl.

It also has a chapter on sitting like a woman, both in pants and a dress. A woman should always press her knees together and cross one ankle behind the other. Her hands should be folded in her lap and back straight.

I love all the quaint old books in here. They literally have books on every topic and even comic book issues going back to the 1940’s including Kitchen Sink Press.


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