Aloha Nail Salon and Spa

Aloha Nail Salon and Spa is located in Edmond just south of 33rd street on Broadway. I love this place. I keep my nails done as much as possible, so I am pretty particular about the nail salons I frequent.

First of all, this salon is incredibly clean and sanitary. All the tools are pulled fresh from individually packaged units contained in sealed plastic containers. All of the nail technicians wear gloves and will not touch you before they put them on. The gloves are high quality latex. If you have an allergy to latex, like I do, let them know and they will change them out!

One of my favorite things about this place is that they have adult and child sized spa pedicure chairs. The children’s chairs are so cute! They look like princess thrones and the kids are given every bit as special care as the adults get.

The other thing I love about this places is the selection of gel colors you can get. I am a HUGE fan of gel nail colors! I am really hard on my nails and if I don’t get a gel set, it will be chipped off in a manner of days.

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