Archive Books

Archive Books is a little hole in the wall store in north Edmond. It’s near the UCO campus. I cannot tell you how much I love this store! It’s a unique, weird little store that is filled to the brim with rare books.

Many of the books available are rare, out of print and hard to find. There are several first editions available in the store, but don’t think you can go putting your hands on them. Old books can be damaged by moisture and oils from hands.

One of my favorite finds from here is a woman’s etiquette from 1952. It’s so archaic! There is an entire chapter on how to smoke with feminine charm. According to the book, one must never hold a cigarette in your hand like a man. One should use a cigarette holder- a long, thin, tube that draws the cigarette smoke like a pipe, but without a bowl.

It also has a chapter on sitting like a woman, both in pants and a dress. A woman should always press her knees together and cross one ankle behind the other. Her hands should be folded in her lap and back straight.

I love all the quaint old books in here. They literally have books on every topic and even comic book issues going back to the 1940’s including Kitchen Sink Press.


Nature’s Treasures

Nature’s Treasures is a neat little store located in Midwest City. It’s unusual for Oklahoma City, because it is a metaphysical store-and a very successful one. The store is actually quite well known nationally.

You can find them every year at the State Fair and at the annual Medieval Fair in Norman. In addition to the standard metaphysical store items, such as incense and quartz crystals, this store has a huge (and by huge I mean an entire wall the length of the building) apothecary of raw, dried and processed herbs sold loose. You can get almost anything there, from slippery elm root to primrose oil.

I found them when I was looking for individual ingredients for making tea. It turns out that this particular shop sells several variants of chamomile; German, Blue and Yellow, in addition to several other less common varieties.


Tornado Shelters

I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life and recently, I became a home owner! Yay for me! There are so many awesome things about being a home owner, but it can be a great deal of trouble as well.

One of the recent improvements I have made to my home is the addition of an above ground storm shelter. I bought it from Storm Shelters OKC. It’s a Tornado Safe brand and I have to say, I am really impressed with it. I’ve not had an occasion to use it yet, of course. THANK GOD, but the day will come.

When I was searching for a company to put the shelter in I was really overwhelmed. There are so many options and with several brands available, it made it a tough decision. Ultimately, I chose to go with this brand because of word of mouth. I got a recommendation from my mother and several friends.

The installation took a total of two days, after the foundation was laid. It was so easy to get everything done! According all the research I did before I had it installed, the above ground is just as good underground and may be even safer.

They gave me a great deal and helped me get set up with financing and a grant from the state and local city. Since I live in Moore, I was able to get both! It was worth it. On top of all that, it’s even better that I installed it because it will increase the value of my home.

Aloha Nail Salon and Spa

Aloha Nail Salon and Spa is located in Edmond just south of 33rd street on Broadway. I love this place. I keep my nails done as much as possible, so I am pretty particular about the nail salons I frequent.

First of all, this salon is incredibly clean and sanitary. All the tools are pulled fresh from individually packaged units contained in sealed plastic containers. All of the nail technicians wear gloves and will not touch you before they put them on. The gloves are high quality latex. If you have an allergy to latex, like I do, let them know and they will change them out!

One of my favorite things about this place is that they have adult and child sized spa pedicure chairs. The children’s chairs are so cute! They look like princess thrones and the kids are given every bit as special care as the adults get.

The other thing I love about this places is the selection of gel colors you can get. I am a HUGE fan of gel nail colors! I am really hard on my nails and if I don’t get a gel set, it will be chipped off in a manner of days.

Zarate’s Latin Grill

Zarate’s Latin Grill is another hidden gem in the OKC Metro. Owned by Jorge Zarate, Zarate’s Grill is well known for it’s Peruvian Food and Live Music.

Jorge is a strong presence at the restaurant. When he’s in the kitchen, you’re in for a special treat. Ask for the Linguini Lotima Saltado, an amazing twist on the Peruvian Classic.

One of my favorite things about this place is the flan. It is one of the few places in OKC in which I have experienced a true, classic made flan. Every so often they change up the flavors so be sure to ask what type of flan is on the menu tonight.

Another fantastic thing is that they have all the Latin colas, like Jarrito and Inca Cola. Jarrito comes in many flavors: strawberry, mango and lemon to name a few. Inca Cola tastes like a bubble gum cream soda. They also have a full service bar with outstanding margaritas and mixed drinks.

Every time I go there, it’s always top notched. I have tried almost everything on the menu. My favorites are the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and the banana leaf tamales. Whatever you choose, it’ll be fantastic! I can almost guarantee it.

Big Truck Tacos

One of my absolute favorite places to eat in Oklahoma City is Big Truck Tacos located on NW 23rd street. There are so many reasons to love this place!

First of all their food is amazing. The menu is limited because everything they use is locally grown and harvested. The produce comes from a local supply chain using Oklahoma farmers. The meat and dairy products come from local butchers and dairy producers. Everything is incredibly fresh, not frozen and made daily!

The salsa comes in seven different flavors, ranging from your basic mild salsa to an incredibly rich habanero mango picante. It’s my personal favorite! It’s so hot it will scrape paint off your car if you let it. Ok, not really, but it IS pretty hot.

They have a daily special that wholly dependent on what the local suppliers have in stock that day. They also have many items that you normally don’t find on the menu here in OKC, like pulled pork and menudo.

In addition to their amazing food, the company culture is absolutely one of the best in OKC. They devote a certain amount of their profits to returning it back to charities in Oklahoma City, like the Battered Women’s Shelter or providing socks and jackets to homeless youth.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this place. It’s a hidden gem that everyone should explore!

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